Case Studies

4R Business Recovery

Sector: Company Turnaround
Change Management
Corporate Strategy
Investment Type: Capital Growth
Region: UK
Status: Current investment

4R Business Recovery is a specialist company operating within the company turnaround space, with a focus on the SME niche. In an industry focussed on closure solutions 4R offers a unique service to ensure business owners retain value and that they have the opportunity to restructure and reposition their business. Using insolvency tools and change management that work along side management to ensure the rescue, restructure, recovery and reward package is delivered. They work hand in hand with Incubator as a feed for Investment Opportunities, and we have invested in business opportunities presented to us by 4R management.

Currently 4R have offices in Chester, Manchester, and Leicester, but have considerable web presence operating global membership sites such as Enterprise Life.Com and Successful Selling Systems.Com

Our Growth Capital fund provides financial and strategic support to established businesses with the potential for outstanding value growth. Each year, we look to invest over €100K in businesses operating across all regions of the UK.

Typically we invest up to €100K in businesses with enterprise values ranging from €1m to €5m. We take a minority share to help a business to achieve growth ambitions, restructure shareholdings, release equity or change the balance of equity to debt. We provide flexible funding packages that may consist of a mixture of loan finance as well as equity funding – whatever is most suitable

As an active partner:

  • We never forget this is your business to run. Our role is to support, advise, and provide business insights and access to contacts.

As a shareholder:

  • Your interests are the same as ours - profits, growth and sustainable success.

Once we have invested, we are committed to working in partnership; using our network of contacts, our market insight and our energy to help build exceptional businesses.

We provide outstanding resources to entrepreneurs including:

  • In-depth industry insight and experience of all market sectors
  • Sales and Marketing Resources to ensure Marketing and Sales perform
  • Access to capital for investment in growth opportunities over the next four years.

Our partnership approach is fundamental to success.