Incubator People

Great people drive our business.

We work with talented business owners to develop businesses that have potential for significant growth. This growth might be organic or part of a “buy and build” strategy, the rate determining factor is often funding [cash flow and capital expenditure] and the quality of management.

This investment “gap” is the core business arena for Incubator Capital Partners.

We invest in supporting people who start, grow, change and buy businesses; delivering significant power to the people we work with us through our knowledge, experience and network of relationships.

Ultimately, we’re driven by our strong sense of values. We want business owners to gain the maximum benefit from their enterprise, vision and hard work; this could be large dividend payments from good profit yields or capital gains by selling part or all of the company. We look for people we can form close partnerships with and the companies we invest in and we build strong relationships based on integrity, trust and mutual respect.

Our goal is for all the stakeholders to benefit.