Why Incubator

Why Incubator

We Invest With Management

Incubator Capital Partners only invests when we believe in a business as passionately as the entrepreneur running the business. From Day One we understood wee are not just investing our money, we are investing ourselves. We don’t want to run your business for you, but will want to work closely with the business and help create an environment where we can all prosper.

We frequently begin our investment with an entrepreneur who, having built a profitable platform for growth, desires an interim liquidity event, but also wants help and resources to build their company and provide them with an opportunity to participate in a much greater future financial exit.

In other cases, we back an entrepreneur or management team who have a vision for rapid expansion, and require access to the public markets to fuel organic growth as well as growth through acquisitions.

Ultimately, we are very creative. Complex and difficult arrangements to accomplish partial liquidity events for owners and / or the exit of other investors doesn't turn us off an investment, and we are adept at structuring transactions that satisfy multiple objectives.

We only invest where we can add value. Our passion is to help build great companies.